How to get rid of red spiders in the house naturally

Who among you hasn't happened to find annoying red insects on their balcony? Let's find out how to eliminate red spiders in a completely natural way.

With the arrival of the first heat, they punctually appear on balconies and windowsills those small reddish insects with an almost unpronounceable scientific name: trombidium holosericeum, but know that you can eliminate red spiders in a natural and effective way.
The 8 legs they are equipped with deceive almost everyone, as they do not belong to the spider family but are small mites completely harmless to the health of humans, animals and even plants.

How to get rid of red spiders in the house naturally

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Where do red spiders come from?

I red spiders they appear when the temperature is around 20 ° while they tend to hide when the heat becomes more insistent. At that point they hibernate and recur directly the following spring.

They generally move in small groups and invade terraces, balconies and window sills, sometimes even pushing themselves into the house. They feed on larvae when they are small and on bird droppings once they reach adulthood.

The only care you need to have is that of don't crush them because their red color, given by the presence of carotenoids, tends to indelibly stain.

Natural remedies for red spiders

Knowing how to eliminate red spiders in the house without resorting to insecticides and toxic sprays is important. It is in fact possible to eradicate the problem through the use of natural remedies. Let's see some of them together.

  • Garlic. Garlic is a true natural insecticide. Put a few cloves in half a liter of boiling water, let it boil for at least 15 minutes, then let it cool. At this point, filter the water and pour it into a nebulizer. Spray directly on plants that are invaded by annoying insects.
    How to get rid of red spiders in the house naturally
    How to get rid of red spiders at home: Garlic is a great natural remedy

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  • Humidity. Green light to humidity because the red spiders do not tolerate humid environments, so spray the nebulizer on the walls or on the windowsill, or increase the irrigation in the garden. An excellent trick can be expanded clay: spread a layer on the bottom of the pots. The clay will retain the moisture and let them escape in a heartbeat.
  • Soap of Marseille. Marseille soap is known as a natural pesticide: let it dissolve small quantities in hot water, let it cool and then spray on the plants.
How to get rid of red spiders in the house naturally
How to get rid of red spiders in the house
  • The mite phytoseiulus persimilis. If you really have to declare war on red spiders, then pick a worthy opponent. The phytoseiulus persimilis mite is found in specialized shops, it is used as a natural pesticide in crops. Once it has spread to the plants in your garden, it will take care of controlling the proliferation of red spiders.
  • Rosemary. The essential oil of rosemary dissolved in the water of a nebulizer performs the same functions as garlic and Marseille soap. If you prefer, you can also directly plant a sprig of rosemary next to the infested plants.

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  • Homemade compound: Another alternative could be to make a DIY compound by mixing 1 teaspoon of ecological dish soap and 1 teaspoon of vegetable oil in 1 liter of water. Shake well before use and then spray on the plants.

Have you seen red spider mites around yet?

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