Let's solve the problem of dry feet with a DIY cream

Today we offer you a simple recipe to make at home with natural ingredients: one dry foot cream, a frequent and annoying disorder, but easily remedied, as we shall see.

Let's solve the problem of dry feet with a DIY cream


Like the hands, also i feet deserve special care not only to prevent some annoying disturbances, but also to be able to show them at their best, especially during the summer season.

In order to keep your feet healthy, it is advisable to take a foot bath from time to time that allows you to obtain a pleasant relaxing effect. A process that also promotes the loss of dead cells and dry skin.

After foot bath however, it is important to carefully moisturize the epidermis of the feet by applying creams and lotions and that is why we are now going to deepen how to make a cream for dry feet at home.

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How to make a dry foot cream: ingredients and preparation

It is possible for those who love to 'spignat' prepare easily too in house a valid foot ointment: 

  • 100 gr shea butter or with sweet almond oil
  • 2-3 drops of mint essential oil (or other favorite essences choosing according to your tastes)

Preparation. You have to mix these ingredients in a bowl until you get an easy-to-apply emulsion. As an alternative to sweet almond oil, you can also useargan oil or quello of olive, both with remarkable moisturizing power.

And for tired feet ...

For tired and red feet it may be useful to apply a gel based on aloe vera, obtained by peeling and pressing a leaf of the plant. In applying these do-it-yourself creams, even the massage will be important to promote blood circulation. in this way, you will achieve a cool-down effect.

Let's solve the problem of dry feet with a DIY cream
How to make a cream for dry feet: the ingredients and the preparation to make it yourself at home

Here is therefore solved a problem that haunts us especially in the cold season!

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