Strange bikes: the bike-pub for drinking with friends and getting around the city

Among the weird bikes we got to talk about on GreenActitude, from those powered by solar energy to those made of wood or without chain maybe we thought we had seen them all. What about some airports, such as London, which have long been equipped with pedal stations to power the unloaded mobile phone?

Strange bikes: the bike-pub for drinking with friends and getting around the city

But what if we wanted to go to the pub, have a beer and move at the same time, all together with friends, and without giving up a ride?

Here then is an unusual means of transport that combines a power supply the pedals and the movement of the bike at the bar counter.

In fact, the idea, made concrete by a group of cycling enthusiasts, and particularly widespread in Berlin, the flat city par excellence, would be a hybrid between the bicycle and the pub, all in a collective dimension!

Pedal bus

Under the name of bier bike, the new bike is actually a four-wheeled vehicle, more like a pedal bus than the more classic two-wheeler. From the elongated shape, with two rows of seats on the sides and a roof, which for the most ecological can be covered with solar panels, the vehicle offers an additional benefit.

In fact, while the driver is pedaling, passengers can relax, sitting comfortably while they spin and sip beer from a special keg placed in the center of the eco-bike.

If the image of the party eco-bike very closely resembles some episode of the Simpsons, it seems that the creators are serious and have already planned some itineraries suitable for various festive occasions.

Paying a figure of around 290 euros for a group of 16 revelers, the bike-pub it would become the main attraction that animates guests at graduation parties, stag and hen parties or alternative corporate meetings, providing everything with a good dose of fun and healthy physical activity.

It seems that the curious do not have to wait long since the bike, already a reality in some cities of the United States and of Germany, could soon also land in Italy to finally be able to say, 'I'll go to the bar'.

Bike special

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